Thursday, July 14, 2011

1,089 Miles of 1,000 Cranes made of 1,075 Pages

So I am a person who has so many ideas in my head and sometimes they are brilliant, other times not so much. I have started some projects over my summer which are 1,089 Miles to Indigo: A Story of a Love Released but Never Forgotten. Which is about a chapter in my life that is named after a guy with a 3 letter name. That has by far got to be the biggest and most drama filled chapter. We were friends freshman year and we liked each other but neither of us knew that until he got the guts to call me and tell me in the summer. But he was too late because I would be moving 1,089 miles away. So we did the long distance thing and fell in love. But its a heavy burden for 2 teenagers fresh into their sophomore ear to try to keep up a long distance relationship. I was often heart broken and crying because I couldn't be with the one my heart raced for. I broke it off then we got back together and I broke it off again then we got back together and I broke it off again and we got back together then I broke it off. This time for good but love doesn't just disappear. We are college freshman but when the word love comes to mind all we see is each other. Its a story that I'm working on and I say working on meaning I spent a week on it and it hasn't seen the light of day until just now when I needed the rest of the title. Next there is my plan to make 1,000 Paper Cranes by the end of this summer. This is a picture of 116 but I actually have 147 made and in a bag at the foot of my bed. The thing with this is that I am going to continue it but I have gotten back into my insane reading habits so yeah. What I have finished are books but that's nothing new to me because I am reading constantly. I might start writing reviews of the books I read but that depends on whether I will finish them or not.
116 Paper Cranes but I actually made 147


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